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Post  Prince Xannder on Wed Sep 01, 2010 10:48 pm

Sixty years ago, the continent of Orom, in the world of Letalium, was quite evenly divided. In the north lay the kingdom of Rakhmetium, an ancient civilization of advanced culture and technology, home of the proud Rakhmeti race. In the south, the "Southern Regions," various petty tribes were locked in a constant battle for control over land, hunting rights, slaves, and wealth.

At the time, Rakhmetium itself was in decline. The king, Fero et Rolfe, was proving to be an incompetent leader. Rakhmetium's economy was decaying, and the people were growing unruly.

A secret alliance of Rakhmeti noblemen came together, led by a man named Duke Solidir. They conspired to have King Fero and his entire family assassinated, and succeeded.

With the king gone no heirs available, the kingdom was on the brink of chaos. The official church, the Temple of Rakhmet, did their best to maintain order, but very few people knew who was behind the regicide; paranoia and unrest swept through Rakhmetium.

The traitorous noblemen's plan was simple. They would step in when the unrest was nearing its peak, and save Rakhmetium from collapse. Since know-one but themselves knew they were behind the royal family's deaths, they would be hailed as heros and allowed to rule Rakhmetium together.

A couple of weeks after the assassination, the conspirators met to discuss the details of their plan. All but one: Solidir was nowhere to be seen.

When the conspirators were all together, assassins hired by Solidir attacked and killed them. Solidir then gathered up his own duchy's milita (the largest fighting force in the land, except for the Royal Army itself) and demanded that the Temple of Rakhmet name him king. Any other nobles who sought the position would have to answer to his milita.

The Temple, fearing outright revolt by the lower-classes, hastily agreed, still not knowing that Solidir himself had been behind King Fero's death.

Suprisingly, the cunning Solidir turned out to be an efficient and skilled ruler. For both the lower and higher classes, quality of life in Rakhmetium improved during the first few years of his rule.

Then began the troubles. No-one knows how or why, but Solidir came to possess a powerful artifact called the Lunar Sceptre. Rumor had it that the sceptre had been crafted in ancient times by Keth, the king of the evil Night Gods.

The Lunar Sceptre was an immensly powerful weapon, granting King Solidir near-godlike magical skills. With it, he led the Royal Army in person in an invasion of the Southern Regions.

The southern tribes quickly fell before the army of Northreach and the power of the Lunar Sceptre. Soon, nearly all the continent was under Solidir's--now "Emperor Solidir's"--control.

Gradually, however, the undivine strength of the Lunar Sceptre began to weeken Solidir's will. Through the artifact, the Night God Keth whispered evil thoughts into the emperor's head. The man who now called himself Moon Emperor of Orom was twisted by Keth's perverse designs. He began a campaign of torture and murder against the people of Orom.

The Royal Army, seeing Solidir's corruption, tried to turn on him and overthrow him. Even that mighty fighting force, however, was no match for the Lunar Sceptre. Solidir destroyed the entire army, and with a dark spell raised them all as undead abominations he named the Lunans.

The Lunans were dreadful beings who knew only rape and murder. Moon Emperor Solidir set them loose upon the world and made no attempt to govern them. For six years, the Lunans terrorized the hapless people of Orom.

Then, a lunar eclipse occured. The moon was the power scource for the Lunar Sceptre, and without it shining upon the earth Solidir lost his magic. A secret rebel group had prepared for this, and took the opprotunity to launch an attack on Solidir's palace and kill the Moon Emperor.

The rebels were led by Shamad et Rolfe, a man who claimed to be an heir of the murdered King Feros. He personally slew Solidir, and declared himself king.

He rebuilt the Royal Army and drove all the Lunans from Northreach. However, without the Lunar Sceptre (which had been lost in the battle), he could not keep Rakhmetium's new vast empire intact. He would be king of Rakhmetium, but no more.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Lunar Sceptre remains unknown.

And in the Southern Regions, the Lunans still roam freely, sowing sorrow upon whatever village they decide to ravage. But now, without Emperor Solidir around, the southern tribes may have a chance to fight back, reclaim their homeland, and build a new civilization from the ashes of the South.

This is a time for warriors and for leaders. The destiny of the continent will be determined in the next few months. What mark will you leave on history?
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