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These are races you may pick from for your character. However, you can also create your own race; just make sure to explain what it is somewhere in your character application!

Rakhmeti are the native people of Rakhmetium. They are named after their patron deity, the sun god Rakhmet. They are humans of small stature and thin frames. Their hair is generally straight and either black or brown. Their skin shade varies between dark black and barely-tan. Their eyes are usually brown, but can also be blue, green, or even yellow.

The Rakhmeti have the oldest and most powerful civilization in Letalium. Their nation is officially run by the popular king, Shamad et Rolfe, but the real power rests with the Temple of Rakhmet, and most Rakhmeti are pious.

The Omnik are the native humans of the Omnikar Plains. They are of average height, but have a reputation for being unusually strong. They have black hair which most of them, men and women alike, grow very long; long hair is considered a sign of strength and virility in Omnik culture. They typically have brown or grey eyes.

The Omnik are united by the Omnik League, an alliance of the most powerful plains clans. Despite this, they are a fiercly independent people who put great value on individual accomplishment. What passes for an economy among them mostly revolves around hunting, although small farming villages do exist.

These humans inhabit the Apongan Coast and the city of Aeleon. Their ancestors, however, came from the island nation of Esgend, far across the Twilight Ocean. They are fair-skinned and of average stature, with hair of brown or dark red and light-colored eyes.

The first Apongans were scholars from Esgend to came to study this continent's mysterious ruins. They eventually restored one of the ruins and converted it into a university. The University grew and eventually a whole new city was built and populated around it. Because of this origin, the stereotype of Apongans is that of strange, foreign intellectuals with big ideas but rude attitudes.

Lunans are demihuman creatures created from the corpses of Rakhmeti soldiers to serve as shock troopers in Emperor Solidir's army. They are quite small compared to other races, but possess superhuman strength. Their faces are usually contorted somehow; it is not uncommon to find a Lunan with one eye on his forhead and the other on his chin, or with a mouth where his nose should be and his nose manifesting as a pair of nostrils on his bare scalp. They have very pale, very thick skin, colored only by visible veins. Some walk upright like humans while others run around on all fours like gorillas.

They are intelligent, but they were created by Solidir for the sole purpose of causing destruction. As such, agression and sociopathy are hard-wired into their genetics. It is possible for a Lunan to break free of his perpetual bloodlust, but humans almost universally hate Lunans, so such a character cannot expect to find sanctuary among either Lunans or humans. Lunans once occupied all parts of the continent, but have now been all but driven out of Rakhmetium by the army of King Shamad. Many Lunans have joined the army of the Rakhmeti Witch-General Apep, former ally of Solidir.
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