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Name: Xannder Bonechain
Age: 49
Race: Omnik
Gender: Male
Appearance: Xannder would stand over six feet tall, were it not for his hunched posture and his tendency to lean on his oak staff. He is darkly-tanned and weather-worn, with deep creaces on his face. He keeps his black hair (which is graying at the temples) a long, wild mess.

Across his shoulders is tossed a poncho made of buffalo hide, the same material that comprises his pants, gloves, and moccasins. On his head rests the pearl-beaded crown of an Omnik medicine man. Bags of ritualistic and alchemical ingredients hang from a sash across his chest.

His staff's five-foot long shaft is carved and painted with mystical runes. It is topped by a delicate carving of a horned bird.
Biography: Xannder was once the shaman of the Bonechain Clan, a prominant family among the Omnik people. When Emperor Solidir invaded the Omnikar Plains, the Bonechains led all the other clans in an armed resistance. However, that resistance was crushed, and to make a point, Solidir had every member of the Bonechains publicly executed.

Every member, that is, except for Xannder, who used a chemical concoction to blind his captors, then escaped.

Since then, he has traveled from village to village, camp to camp, and even to the city of Aeleon, using his skills as a shaman to do what he can to relieve the peoples' suffering.
Prince Xannder
Prince Xannder

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